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2019 Vol.25 No.1 PP 86-90
Role of body weight and body figure in the determination of adolescent food habits
*Albha Tiwari1 And Vimlesh Kumar Tiwari2
1Department of Home Science,
V R G Girls Postgraduate College,
Morar, GWALIOR - 474006 (M.P)
2RVSKVV, ZARS, Morena,
A B Road, MORENA 476001 (M.P) INDIA
*Corresponding Author : E-mail : albha23@rediffmail.com
Body weight showed non-significant difference for fast food and nutritional diet for 13-15 years old boys and girls adolescents. Body weight of boy’s adolescent increased over normal body weight of 13-15 years. Whereas, lower body weight was observed in 16-18 boys adolescent and 13-15 years and 16-18 years girls where body weight was lower than normal body weight. The general body figure of boys and girls adolescent have nutritional diet except fast food and nutritional food habits in girls of 13-15 yrs and 16-18 yrs girls of nanus body figure respectively. Interestingly, girls of 13-15 yrs, had fast food in diet whose body figure was midget. The t-test indicated that boys and girls body figure had highly significant differences in their food habits in both age groups 13-15 yrs and 16-18 yrs.

Key words : Adolescents, Body Figure, Body Weight.
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