FLORA AND FAUNA ISSN 2456-9364(Online) 0971-6920(Print)
2020 Vol.26 No.1 PP 69­-72
Physical and chemical properties of soil at Rajgurunagar (Khed) Tehsil, Pune (MS) India
Hrishikesh Khodade
Department of Botany,
S. M. Joshi College,
*Corresponding Author : Email : rishikesh@live.in
Soil plays an important role for sustainable agricultural development which is a widely accepted fact. The composition of soil makes perfect recipe for proper growth and development of growing plants. Mainly the texture and contains of the soil give an idea about overall productivity of any type of soil. The present case study was conducted on the physical and chemical properties of soil at Rajgurunagar (Khed) Tehsil, Pune District (Maharashtra) state of India. The study has been conducted in 5 different localities of different directions for better understanding of nature and composition of soil. Rajgurunagar(Khed) is well known for upcoming developing region due to accumulation of various industrial companies such as SEZ, MIDC and many more. The effect of industrialisation on hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere is noticeable in this Tehsil as an effect is seen on plant growth and development and is affecting on abundance, density of many plant as well as animal species. The total land area is unmanageable for agricultural development purpose. The impact of environmental factors on the soil attributes such as soil particle size which are the product of high degree of soil pollutants, organic matter content which show variability at different localities and other chemical constituents which indicate high degree of salt presence. The control measures are also indicated in a given study to overcome challenging and problem associated conditions.

Key words : Abundance, Density, Industrialisation, Localities, Productivity, Sustainable.
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