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2020 Vol.26 No.1 PP 117-133
Analysis of ring operation from south Andaman Fish Landing Centres (FLC)
*M. Kaliyamoorthy1, S. Dam Roy2 and V.K. Sahu3
1PRIST University, Thanjavur
2Central Island Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair,
3Department of Zoology, JNRM, Port Blair
*Corresponding Author : Email : kamuthy@gmail.com
A study was carried out during 2014-2018 to find out the major fish catches through the Gear Ring net at the coast of Andaman Islands. The data were collected from four major Fish Landing Centres (FLC) viz Junglighat, Dugnabad, Guptapara and Wandoor which are located at South Andaman. Altogether 1097 FLC visits have been carried out during the study period at all four FLC with an average of 219 visits / year. Altogether 1379 operations of Ring net were observed from two FLC i.e. Junglighat (1322) and Dugnabad (57) amongst four FLC. The total fishes captured were 1609 tons from the two FLCs, i.e. 1594 tons from Junglighat FLC and 15 tons from Dugnabad FLC respectively. The contribution of gear the Ring net was 41.5 % amongst the other gears operated from all four FLCs. The major fish catch by ring net were Scombrids (52.3%), followed by Sardines (22.4%), Carangids (21.3%), Anchovies (2.7%) and others (1.2%). 39 ring net fishing ground identified during the period around the coast of Andaman Islands. The maximum fish catch occurred at around the coast of Havelock Island (15.5%) followed by Rutland (10.5%), Chidiatappu (8 %), Shoal Bay (7.6%), Baratang (7 %), Carbyns cove (6 %), Burmanallah (5.2%), Madhuban (5.2%), Out-drum Island (4.7%), Mayabunder (4 %), Colinpur (3.3%), Long Island (3.3%), Wandoor (2.1%) etc and minimum fish catch was observed at the coast of Pachim Sagar (0.02%) . PFZ forecast disseminated to the Ring netters and validated during the study period. Forty nine operations of gear the ring net were observed at PFZ with an average of 9.8 operations /year. The fishes captured from the PFZ were 91.1 tons with an average of 18.2± 5.6 tons / year. Similarly 49 operations of ring net were also observed at Non-PFZ with an average of 9.8 operations /year. The fishes captured from the Non PFZ were 23.77 tons with an average of 4.5±1.5 tons / year. The Length-weight measurements of the pelagic fishes viz Atule mate, Decapterus russelli, Sardinella albella, Sardinella sirm, Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus and Rastrelliger kanagurta caught from both the zones have been done. 12 Class Intervals with respect to length were observed from the catch of all the fishes i.e. 81-100 mm, 101-120, 141-160 mm,........301320 mm. In the Class Intervals, the length category 121-140 mm was the most representating class for Atule mate with 128 specimens (19.1%) at PFZ and 159 specimens (23.7%) at Non-PFZ respectively. It has been observed for other fishes i.e. for Decapterus russelli, Sardinella albella, Sardinella sirm, Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus and Rastrelliger kanagurta which collected from the PFZ were class 161-180 mm with 172 specimens (48.6%), 141-160 mm with 195 specimens (53.1%), 221240 mm with 177 specimens (48.2%), 121-140 mm with 189 specimens (47.7%) and 261-280 with 199 specimens (30.9%) respectively. The same species were collected at the Non-PFZ were 141-160 with 173 specimen (49.0%), 121-140 with 194 specimens (53.3%), 221-240 with 159 (45.4%), 101-120 with 173 (49.4%) and 201-220 with 144 specimens (23%) respectively. The water samples have been collected during day time from various sites of PFZ and Non-PFZ during the study period and analysed. The average visibility at PFZ and Non-PFZ were 15.49±0.28 m and 16.74 ± 0.25 respectively. The average dissolved oxygen (DO) at PFZ and Non-PFZ were 6.30±0.05 mg/lit and 5.94 ±0.06 mg/lit respectively. Due to density of phytoplankton and Eddies the dissolved oxygen increased at PFZ than Non-PFZ. Alkalinity was at PFZ 111.16±1.09 ml/lit and Non PFZ 113.68 ± 1.28 ml/lit respectively.

Key words : Andaman, Dugnabad, Guptapara, Fish landing centre, Junglighat, Ring net, Wandoor.
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