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2020 Vol.26 No.1 PP 58­-64
Ethno - medicinal plants for skin diseases and wounds from Dapoli Tehsil of Ratnagiri District, Maharashtra (India)
R. L. Ghalme
Department of Botany,
Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College DAPOLI,
*Corresponding Author : Email : rlghalme@gmail.com
Ethno-medicinal plant surveys were conducted in Dapoli Tahsil for documentation of traditional knowledge of Tribes and villagers. The present paper deals with ethno-medicinal plants used for control of skin diseases, burns, cuts and wounds. Total 65 plant species belong to 62 genera of 39 families are used in different forms to control the skin diseases, burns, cuts and wounds. Out of total 65 species, 1 species belongs to Pteridophytes, 64 species belong to 61 genera of 38 different families of Angiosperms. Out of 64 species of Angiosperms, 62 species belong to 59 genera of 36 families of Dicotyledons while 2 species belong to 2 genera of 2 families of Monocotyledons. Fabaceae is the dominant family with 5 species used followed by Combretaceae with 4 species and Lamiaceae, Asteraceae, Apocynaceae and Acanthaceae families with 3 species each are reported.

Key words : Ethno-medicinal, Skin diseases, Tribes, Wounds.
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