FLORA AND FAUNA ISSN 2456-9364(Online) 0971-6920(Print)
2020 Vol.26 No.2 PP 266-270
Seasonal variation in Population dynamics of phytoplankton in Guthia Taal, Wetland of Bahraich (U. P.) India
Rajiv Ranjan1 and *Sadguru Prakash2
1Department of Botany,
2Department of Zoology,
M.L.K. (P.G.) College, BALRAMPUR (U.P.)
*Corresponding Author : Email : sadguruprakash@gmail.com
Guthia taal is a large, shallow and horse shoe shaped wetland of tarai region of eastern U.P. The seasonal variation of phytoplankton density and diversity were studied for a period of one year. In the present study total 31 genera of phytoplankton were identified. Out of 31, thirteen belong to Chlorophyceae, 10 Bascillariophyceae, 6 Cyanophyceae and 2 Euglenophyceae. The annual density shows that Chlorophyceae dominates and constituted 51.57% of the total phytoplankton population was followed by Bascillariophyceae (27.37%), Cyanophyceae (16.45%) and Euglenophyceae (4.61%). However, the overall phytoplankton was found maximum in summer, medium in winter and lowest in monsoon season.

Key words : Phytoplankton, Population dynamics, Wetland.
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