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2020 Vol.26 No.2 PP 343-350/div>
Morphometric study of certain inland water copepods from Nashik, Maharashtra, India
*Savita Tidame, Priyanka Pawar, Jyoti Gangurde and Arati Tidame
Department of Zoology,
K.T.H.M.College, Gangapur Road,
*Corresponding Author : Email : savita.tidame@gmail.com
The morphometric study of selected copepods was carried out during year 2018 from Godavari river of Nashik region. In the present study, a total of four copepod genera were selected for carrying out their morphometric measurements in terms of micron. These are Mesocyclops sps, Macrocyclops fuscus, Tropocyclops prasinus and Eucyclops agilis. The morphometry of various body parts like cephalosome, metasome, urosome, antennae, caudal rami, fural rami and total body length were measured by using ocular micrometer scale. On the basis of measurement obtained in the present study, it can be concluded that Eucyclops is the largest of all, Macrocyclops and Tropocyclops are intermediate in size whereas, Mesocyclops is the smallest of all studied specimens.

Key words : Cephalosome, Copepods, Metasome, Morphometric study, Urosome.
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