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2021 Vol.27 No.1 PP 10­-12
Effect of coumestrol on the histological feature of ovary of pups of F1 generation delivered from exposed mothers at different days of gestation
*Pragati Pathak and Mukesh Dixit1
*Department of Zoology,
Govt. Model Science College ,
1Department of Zoology
S.N.Govt. Girls (PG) Autonomous, College,
BHOPAL - 462016 (MP) INDIA
*Corresponding Author : Email : pragatipathak2003@gmail.com
Phytoestrogens are the plant substances, which are structurally and functionally similar to steroids and produce estrogenic effects. It is well established that phytoestrogens when administered orally caused remarkable effects on the reproductive organs in females. It is also known that female rats, which consume more phytoestrogen for longer period, suffer from sterility. In the present study, efforts have been made to assess the effect of coumestrol on reproductive organs when exposed in uteroin mother and its effects on the development of postnatal pups.The administration of coumestrol during different days of pregnancy induced remarkable changes in the histological features of ovary of female rats of F1generation even at the age of 6 months.

Key words : Coumestrol, Graafian follicle, Phytoestrogens.
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