FLORA AND FAUNA ISSN 2456-9364(Online) 0971-6920(Print)
2021 Vol.27 No.1 PP 139-143
Assessment of habitats and conservation status of Amphibians in Sindh, Pakistan
Maryam Mangi, *Kalsoom Shaikh, Waheed Shabrani, Ghulam Sarwar Gachal, Irfan Tagar, Farman Rashdi, Khalid Saifullah, Hira Lakho
Department of Zoology,
University of Sindh, JAMSHORO, PAKISTAN
*Corresponding Author : Email : kalsoom.shaikh@usindh.edu.pk
Some interior areas of Sindh are poorly studied previously which are considered as main sites for present investigation. For the study of ignored amphibian fauna, we conducted a survey to observe the environmental condition of amphibian habitats. The physical characteristics of habitat such as types of vegetation and presence of predators were observed, while water samples were collected from all aquatic habitats for analysis of parameters i.e. pH, electric conductivity, total dissolved solids, total hardness, chloride, sulphate, phosphate, nitrite and nitrate as well as carbon dioxide. All the habitats were analyzed thoroughly and designated as highly contaminated and unfavorable especially for spawns and larvae and their conservation status was found entirely deteriorated, though abundance of vegetation was observed alongwith availability of potential predators.

Key words : Amphibians, Habitats, Pakistan, Pollution, Predators, Sindh, Threats.
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