FLORA AND FAUNA ISSN 2456-9364(Online) 0971-6920(Print)
2021 Vol.27 No.2 PP 339­-344
Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Study of Schiff Bases and their Metal Co (II)& Zn (II) Complexes
*Dileep Sharma and S.C. Agarwal 1
*Department of Biomedical Sciences,
Bundelkhand University, JHANSI. (U.P.) INDIA
1Department of Chemistry,
Agra College, AGRA (U.P.) INDIA
*Corresponding Author : Email : dileepsharma2222@gmail.com
Synthesis of Schiff bases from different types of aromatic aldehyde and 3-amino-2- napthol-4-sulphonic acid and then prepared the Co (II), Zn (II) complexes. Metal complexes of Schiff bases have occupied a central role in the development of coordination Chemistry. A number of verities of stable chemical species have been synthesized, containing transition metal and multifarious ligand. Metal complexes of Schiff base shows the strong anti fungicidal, anti bacterial activity, anti viral infection, anticancer, herbicides, plant growth regulators and anti covulsants . Metal complexes also find a wide applications in the field of industrial chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, agricultural chemistry and bioorganic chemistry. Recently hetrocyclic such as 2 ‘al’ pyrrol, 2 ‘al’ furan, 2 ‘al’ thiophen and aromatic aldehyde, there metal Zn (II), Co (II) complexes have also gained a focal position in bioinorganic field and frequently used as antifungal, plant growth regulators and anticancer.

Key words : Anti-bacterial, Antifungal, Metal complexes, Schiff bases.
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