FLORA AND FAUNA ISSN 2456-9364(Online) 0971-6920(Print)
2022 Vol.28 No.1 PP 121-126
Assessment of biodiversity of shahpura hill forest, District Bhopal (MP) India
*Dixit Mukesh1, Deepti Sankat2 and Bakul Lad3
1Department of Zoology
2Department of Botany,
Sarojini Naidu Govt. Girls P.G. (Autonomous) College,
3M.P. State Biodiversity Board, Govt. of M.P.,
*Corresponding Author : Email : dixitmukesh1@gmail.com
The present study for the assessment of biodiversity status of Shahpura hill forest, Bhopal was carried out covering an area of 50 hectare land of city forest. With this context, field investigations were conducted at different intervals during the winter period and sampling was carried out based on the grid map of the area. With the identification of available flora and fauna detailed taxonomic inventory was prepared. Observations and results of phytodiversity assessment work revealed the floristic inventory of 201plant species belonging to 166 genera and 56 families. Faunal studies based on the field investigation recorded a total of 80 species belonging to 40 species of Vertebrates and Invertebrates each. Vertebrata, found under the categorization of five major groups : viz. mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians and fishes. Most of the species observed belonged to avifauna as this group constituted about 73% of the total population. Total 40 species of non- chordate / Invertebrate were recorded, represented by Arthropods, which consisted of insect and butterflies contributing significantly 85% of the total observed arthopods, also the representation of Annelids, Molluscuns and Protozoons were recorded. The present work will help in use of green spaces in city planning considering the sustainable development, conservation of biodiversity within the urban area as city forest and will be useful also for education of nature.

Key words : Biodiversity; City forest; Flora and Fauna; Shahpura hill forest.
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