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2022 Vol.28 No.1 PP 21­-26
Economic Analysis of Rice Crop under Three Categories of Farm Holders at the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic
*Lokesh Kumar Tinde, Devendra Singh Porte, Kshitij Parmar1 Rajni Barle2, P.R. Singh, Dilip Kumar and Jyoti Kaushik
Department of Rural Technology and Social Development,
Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Koni,
1Department of Agricultural Science,
GLA University,
2Departments of Studies in Life Science,
Pandit Ravishankar Shukla University,
RAIPUR-492010 (C.G.) INDIA
*Corresponding Author : Email : tinde.lokesh744@gmail.com
The study was relatively undertaken at the time of Covid-19 pandemic in Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh state, India, to know the overall economic structure of gross expenditure, profitability structure, production cost concept, net returnes, benefitcost ratio (BCR) of rice crop under three categories of farm holders. Purposive as well as multistate random sampling methods were adopted for the research study. A total of 30 farmers were selected from the categorized three group’s viz. small, medium, and large farmers. With the help of a prepared pre-tested interview schedule, a survey method was applied for primary data collection. The actual gross and net return of rice grower was needed to know at the situation of the covid-19 pandemic. So that could reach on real cost and net returns structure and explain it under three different farms size holders, therefore worked on this vital subject of the overall economic profile. This research revealed that Cost C2, C3, production cost (Rs. /quintal) at C3, net profit at C3, and (BCR) benefit-cost ratio at C3 in one acre of small rice grower was Rs. 27662, Rs. 30,428.2, Rs. 1521.41, Rs. 19571 and 1:1.64 respectively. Thus, cost C2, C3, cost of production (Rs. /quintal) at C3, net profit at C3, and the benefit-cost ratio at C3 in one acre of medium rice grower was Rs. 31576.08, Rs. 34,733.68, Rs. 1447.23, Rs. 25266.32 and 1:1.72 respectively. Similarly, cost C2, C3, cost of production (Rs. /quintal) at C3, net profit at C3, and the benefitcost ratio at C3 in one acre of large rice grower was Rs. 32908.08, Rs. 36,198.8, Rs. 1447.95, Rs. 26301.12 and 1:1.72 respectively. After jointly calculating the categories of data based on farms size, it revealed that the average total expenditure, Cost 2, C3, production cost (Rs./q) at C3, net profit at C3, and BCR at C3 were Rs. 30715.38, Rs. 30715.39, Rs. 33786.92, Rs. 1472.19, Rs. 23712.81, and 1:1.69 respectively. According to findings medium and large farmers do higher production of rice crop in one acre comparison of the small farmer. Labor cost is more in the rice farming in the study area, need to them the economical planning that could help ineffective use of input and get maximum profit through better farming.

Key words : BCR, Cost concepts, Net returns and Rice crop, Total expenditure.
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