FLORA AND FAUNA ISSN 2456-9364(Online) 0971-6920(Print)
2022 Vol.28 No.2 PP 262-266
Effect of molasses on protein content of fresh water fish, Puntius chrysopterus
*Dinkar S. Tambe1and Sandip D. Talole2
1Padmashri Vikhe Patil College of Arts, Science and Commerce,
PRAVARANAGAR, LONI KHURD-413713, (M.S.) INDIA 2Arts, Science and Commerce College ,
RAHATA-423107, (M.S.) INDIA
*Corresponding Author : E-mail: dinkartambe5679@gmail.com
It was examined whether molasses was toxic to the freshwater fish, Puntius chrysopterus. There was a 5 percent LC50 value for Molasses. Rapid, jerky swimming with seemingly random motions; toxic convulsions; postural instability; an increase in surface activity and opercular movements; a loss of equilibrium; these are all symptoms of the Molasses poisoning. A layer of mucus formed over the gills, and the lamellae of the gills changed from red to brown. The fish were swimming in isolation from one another until they all perished. Protein was shown to be diminished throughout all fish tissues following exposure to a sub-lethal quantity of molasses.

KEY WORDS : Acute toxicity, Molasses, Protein, Puntius chrysopterus
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