FLORA AND FAUNA ISSN 2456-9364(Online) 0971-6920(Print)
2022 Vol.28 No.2 PP 379-384
Study of biofilm formation and its correlation with drug resistance among E.coli positive samples in catheter-associated urinary tract infection
*Neha Srivastava, R. Sujatha and Manish Kumar Diwakar
Rama Medical College Hospital and Research Centre,
IIT Road, Mandhana, KANPUR (UP) INDIA
1Department of Microbiology,
Autonomous State Medical College,
*Corresponding Author : E-mail: nehasgpgi@gmail.com
The present study was aimed to perform in vitro detection of biofilm formation among E. coli positive samples and to correlate the biofilm production with antibiotic resistance pattern. Samples were collected from patients of all age groups and both sexes with a urinary catheter for at least two days suffering from symptoms of UTIs and were characterized by routine bacteriological methods. Ninety six wellmicrotiter-plate tests were done to determine in vitro biofilm formation. Antibiotic susceptibility was determined by using standard Kirby–Bauer disk diffusion method in accordance with Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guidelines. In our study, among 120 E. coli isolates for UTIs in catheterized patients; One hundred and four isolates were biofilm producers, among which 64 (53.33%) were weak biofilm producers, followed by 33 (27.50%) moderate and 7 (5.83%) strong. 16 (13.33%) isolates were non biofilm producers. The correlation between biofilm producer and non-biofilm producer with antibiotic resistance was found statistically significant with(P<0.05) for ampicillin, ceftriaxone, cefotaxime, ciprofloxacin, co trimoxozole, norfloxacin, gentamicin, piperaclin tozobactam, cefoperazone + sulbactam, amikacin and meropenem. This study enhances understanding of biofilm detection and antibiotic resistance in E. coli. Conclusively it is helpful in the development of newer and more effective treatment in Catheter associated uterinetract infection (CAUTI) patients.

KEY WORDS : Antibiotic resistance, Biofilm, CAUTI, Escherichia coli, ICU, Urinary tract infection
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