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2022 Vol.28 No.2 PP 171-176
Moringa oleifera (Drumstick Tree): A Versatile Tree With High Nutritive Values and Industrial Use : A Review
*Priyanka Kushwaha 1and Devendra Kumar Bhatt2
1Institute of Home Science,
2Institute of Food Technology,
Bundelkhand University, JHANSI (UP) INDIA
*Corresponding Author : E-mail: kushwahapriyanka1991@gmail.com
Moringa oleifera is a precious gift of nature, contains numerous nutrients in good amount, easily cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions, medium sized tree having many regional names like Drumstick, Saijhan, Horse radish etc. All parts (roots, stem, leaves, flowers, pods, seeds) are used in therapeutic and medicinal purpose and its leaves contain high amount of nutrients like protein including essential amino acids, â-carotene, B complex Vitamin and Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Potassium etc. Some anti-nutrients like Oxalates, Tannins, Phytates, Saponins are also present in the leaves. Fresh leaves extract is given to lactating mothers to augment breast milk. Each part of Moringa oleifera like root, stem, bark, leaves, fruits, flowers, pods, seeds and gums have many medicinal properties and used to combat malnutrition including macro and micro nutrient deficiencies. They are also used for prevention and treatment of many diseases in developing countries. Moringa oleifera supports in maintenance of the body’s anti-inflammatory mechanism, cardio protection, deactivating free radicals, improving low haemoglobin in blood, decreasing malignancy, encouraging normal blood glucose levels, maintaining immune system, osteoporosis and improving eyesight. Moringa oleifera is extremely safe edible plant which is also cheaply cultivated. It provides economic benefits by using it in biodiesel, bine oil, water purification, live-stock feed, plant fertilizer etc. The aim of present review is to provide indepth knowledge about historical uses, scientific classification, species and labels in diverse languages, geographical distribution, botanical portrayal, nutritive values, therapeutic and industrial uses of Moringa oleifera. This review would generate awareness among different age groups about multi-benefits and multi-use of this inexpensive locally available versatile tree.

KEY WORDS : Moringa oleifera, Nutritive values, Therapeutic use
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