FLORA AND FAUNA ISSN 2456-9364(Online) 0971-6920(Print)
2022 Vol.28 No.2 PP 191-196
Addition of fly ash for enhancing the soil microbial activity under the vermicompost and RDF amendment on Bundelkhand soil, Uttar Pradesh, India
Deepa Singh, *Devendra Mani Tripathi and Smriti Tripathi1
Department of Microbiology,
1Department of Environment and Developmental Studies,
Bundelkhand University, JHANSI (UP) INDIA
*Corresponding Author : E-mail: tripathidevendramani@gmail.com
The field experiment was carried out with eight experimental treatments containing varying degree of fly ash (FA) and uniform amendment of vermicompost (VC) and RDF (recommended dose of fertilizer) for monitoring the effect of FA. Hence, an experiment was conducted to assess the soil CO2 evolution, microbial population, heavy metal accumulation in soil and yield of chickpea crop at different doses of FA, to control the toxic effect of metal was studied in semi-arid region of Bundelkhand. The treatments designed as: (T1) control, (T2) Recommended of fertilizer (RDF) only, (T3) (VC) only, (T4) FA 10t ha-1 + VC + RDF, (T5) FA 20 t ha-1 + VC+ RDF, (T6) FA 30 t ha-1 + VC + RDF, (T7) FA 40 t ha-1 + VC + RDF, (T8) FA 50 t ha-1 + VC + RDF. It was observed that FA application improved the soil physico-chemical properties. Statistical analysis revealed that, Pearson correlation analysis showed a significant correlation between pH, EC, WHC, porosity, moisture content, bulk density, P, N, OC, K, S, Co, Cr, Cu and As. A positive correlation exist between microbial population and soil CO2 evolution with R2 =0.895. The experimental studies confirmed that lower dose of FA (20 t ha-1) offer a potential amendments to improve soil activities and crop yield and safe FA utilization practices.

KEY WORDS : CO2, Fertilizer, Fly ash, Heavy metal, Vermicompost.
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