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Aims & Objectives

  • The international Research To provide a platform to the Scientists, Professors, Teachers, Experts and Students related with Biological Sciences for exchanging their views on NATURE and biological STRUCTURES and FUNCTIONS.

  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshops etc. for encouraging close interaction among Scientists, Research Scholars, Professors and Experts.

  • To disseminate the knowledge of Flora and Fauna for their improvements, conservation and management

Focus & Scope

  • The international Research Journal FLORA AND FAUNA publishes original research and review articles, short communications and letter to the Editor. The Journal covers all aspects of Biological Sciences Viz. Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Applied Biology, Toxicology, Parasitology, Environmental Sciences, Medical Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Medicine etc. The journal also publishes reports and announcements of National and International conferences, seminars, Workshops etc. Excursion reports, Discoveries, Book reviews and Advertisements are also accepted for publication.

Publication Frequency

  • FLORA AND FAUNA is published twice a year in the months of June and December.

Peer Review Policy

  • Flora and Fauna, international journal of biological sciences uses double blind peer review policy. It means that both the reviewers and author(s) identity are hidden. Authors are requested to prepare their manuscripts in a way that their identity should not be disclosed except title page.

Journal Ethics

  • Flora and Fauna follows COPE Guidelines completely.

  • Publication of manuscripts is beyond of any nation, religion, race, caste and creeds.

  • Prime duty of the editorial board is to see the quality, standard and continuous improvements of the journal.

  • Editors should have system to ensure that peer reviewers identities are protected.

  • The main duty of the publisher is to keep things secret and confidential.

  • Reviewer is always very conscious to prevent plagiarism. If a case of plagiarism comes to knowledge after a paper is published in the Flora and Fauna, we conduct proper investigation as per COPE Guidelines.

  • Any personal information which hurts the person concern would not be published in flora and fauna.

  • Certificate of ethical committee is required for the publication of the manuscript, where slaughtering of animals prohibited.

  • Editorial board, reviewer and publisher are bound to work within their stipulated time.

Subscription/ Membership

  • The articles received from subscriber(s) of the journal will only be considered for publication. Author(s) should be the subscriber of the journal.

Category India () Abroad (US $)
Annual 1000.00 80
Life 10000.00 300
Annual 2000.00 150
Life 20000.00 500

Publication Charges:

  • There will be no printing charges. Although processing and administration charges @ INR 1500 per accepted paper will be deposited by Author(s).

Online payments through net banking:

  • Payments made online through net-banking directly to Bank Account of SURYA. Please use the Following details:

Bank Name Allahabad Bank, Near Saiyar Gate, Bipin Bihari College, Jhansi (U.P.) INDIA
IFS Code ALLA0212141
Account Name SURYA
Account Number 22207635558
RBI Code 0212141
Tel. No. 0510-2473414

Submission of Manuscript

  • Articles are considered for publication only on clear understanding that they have not been nor will be submitted to any other journal for publication.

  • The articles are accepted for publication as per advice received from the learned Board of Referees and Editors. The acceptance of an article for publication implies that the copyright has been vested with the publishers.

  • Authors are requested to prepare their manuscripts in a way that their identity should not be disclosed except title page.

  • Prepare manuscripts in two files.
    In first file – there should be title, author(s) name, affiliation (Address), Key Words (4-8) and acknowledgement (if required). This page must contain a author(s) note which include the declaration of the financial assistance on field of research work.
    In second file- complete manuscript should be submitted which may contain title, abstract (not exceeding 200 words), introduction, material and methods, observation, results and discussion, conclusion, tables, figures etc.


  • Title should be short and appropriate which not exceeding 20 words and type in capital letter from left to end. Italics not permitted on the title.


  • The references should be arranged alphabetically on separate sheets. The title of the reference Journal should be abbreviated according to the World List of Scientific Periodicals.

  • The references in text should be referred by superscript Arabic numerals.
    examples (1) Auti BK. Histochemical studies on ontogeny of anther with special reference to total proteins Clitoria ternalea (L). Flora and Fauna. 2015;22(2):139-142. (2) Baghel CL, Srivastav AK. A significant effect of turpentine oil against the larvae of Aedes alopictus (Skuse). Flora and Fauna. 2015;22 (2):173-178.

Please note that authors are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their references.

  • Legends and captions may be typed on separate sheets. Tables with descriptive heading should also be typed accurately on separate sheets. Figures, Photographs and Tables should be numbered consecutively i.e. 1, 2, 3…. etc. and be cited in the text.

  • Size of photographs and figures should be according to the size of the printer column, single or double as the case may be.

  • Only metric system (S.I. Units) should be used throughout in the text and tables etc.

  • There will be no printing charges or any other hidden charges for manuscripts.

  • The Owners, Advisors, Editors and Referees assume no responsibility for statements and opinion(s) advanced by the author(s) in the Journal.

  • In case of any dispute, Jhansi (U.P.) shall be place of jurisdiction for legal purposes.

  • The Journal will be mailed by ordinary Book-post in the month of June and December each year. Claims for missing numbers must be made within one month after the Journal is released.

  • Free online submission of manuscripts (in English only) allowed throughout the year. Since we follow go green policy hence manuscript accepted only on website Any other mode of submission will not be accepted although in case of any problem related to online submission, correspondence should be addressed to Dr. A. K. Srivastav, Executive editor of the journal on

  • The award of Fellow of International Scientist Unique Researchers Yare Association for outstanding contribution in the field of Science, Technology and Signal service to the FLORA and FAUNA. Person must be life member of the Society or a distinguished authority.


(1) Pati & Prasad Gold Medal : For the best paper in the field of Parasitology.
(2) Lifetime Achievement Award : Distinguished person in field of Life Science, Agriculture or Medical Sciences.


  • Index Copernicus International, Indian Citation Index, Indian Science Abstracts, C.A.B. International , Google Scholar and Zoological Records .


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